After a replacement Samsung Galaxy Note 7 device caught fire on a Southwest aircraft, two more incidents have come to light

Samsung’s PR team continues its damage control as more replacement Samsung Galaxy Note 7 devices catch fire. The first such incident happened earlier this week, when a Galaxy Note 7 phone caught fire while the owner was on a Southwest airline flight. There are now reports of two more overheating incidents with the replacement units, along with injuries to users.

According to a KSTP report, 13-year old Abby Zuis from Minnesota, USA felt a burning sensation while holding her Note 7. The phone had heated up and melted the cover that it was put in.

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In a separate report by WKYT, Michael Klering of Kentucky woke up at 4 am to find that his room was full of smoke and that his Note 7 was on fire. Klering was admitted to the hospital with acute bronchitis caused by smoke inhalation. Klering told reporters that he thought the replacement devices were save, and that he had plugged in the device before going to sleep.

There have been reports that Samsung had known about its replacement Note 7 devices catching fire since the Southwest Airlines incident. A Samsung spokesperson told Verge, “We want to reassure our customers that we take every report seriously. Customers safety remains our highest priority as we are investigating the matter.”

The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) has issued a fresh advisory on the use of Galaxy Note 7 devices on board an aircraft, following a replacement Note 7 catching fire on board a US aircraft earlier this week that ended up in an evacuation of the jet. DGCA has last week partially uplifted a previous ban on the phones after Samsung had reassured that the problem would not occur on devices that were delivered after September 15.

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