Prime Minister Narendra Modi once again mocked Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi by saying that no other leader has as many jokes as he does over the internet for his childish acts. He even commented over the two political parties’ alliance for UP election and added that it is a tie-up of two families who have looted Uttar Pradesh and the country.

When both families were separate they cause destruction for the country and UP. Now they joined hand for further destruction and he said that it is in the hand of people of India if they want to save UP and country from these families.

In the rally which was held in Bijnaur he highlighted the corruption and crime which was held during the reign of Akhilesh Yadav and Mayawati Government.

He further added that they have targeted one caste but only served their families and there are various member of Yadav family who are serving as MP’s, MLA’s and other capacities in Government.

His focus of speech was SP–Congress alliance and ruling party in UP. He said that he don’t know Akhilesh Yadav much but by reading so many reports about him it seems that he is an educated young man who is trying to learn and will be fit for politics in 5-10 years. On the other hand he said about Rahul Gandhi that he is most trolled leader on the internet for hi childish behavior.

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