Uttar Pradesh elections 2017: Rajnath Singh said Prime Minister said "The Prime Minister meant what he said - that nobody should be discriminated against on the basis of their religion or caste." Referring to the PM's remarks earlier this week, used by critics to accuse him of attempting to communalise the Uttar Pradesh election, Mr Singh said, "people who say this is polarising... the PM has never believed in the politics of polarisation."

The UP election is now half-complete.

On Sunday, the PM told a huge audience, "there should be no discrimination. If there is land given for graveyards, there must be provisions for crematoriums. Electricity must be provided on Ramzan and Diwali. If there is power for Holi, it must be available for Eid."
On PM Narendra Modi’s statement at Fatehpur rally which drew strict criticism from Opposition parties, Rajnath said that the ‘Prime Minister meant nobody should be discriminated on the basis of caste and religion’. He further added that PM Modi never believed in the ‘politics of polarisation’ contrary to what his political opponents accuse him of.

The elections in Uttar Pradesh have entered its fourth phase with the third phase of polling concluding on Sunday. There have been no reports of violence or malpractices at polling stations so far and the elections have been carried out in a peaceful manner. With Congress and Samajwadi Party forming an alliance ahead of the polls, the competition is now three-fold as Mayawati’s BSP is also planning a comeback in these elections.

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