Apple has brought a new revolution in the phone industry by launching iPhone series so far. It has been 10years since the first iPhone was launch and it has proved to be the most iconic device till now. All versions of iPhone has changed consumer’s mindset of using phone. By launching one after another successful series of iPhone, it is predicted that now Apple will launch iPhone 7S on the occasion of its successful 10years completed in 2017. It can be the most awaited and updated version of iPhone 7 and iPhone 7plus which is to be launched in this year.

It has been talk of the technical world since 2016 about Apple launching iPhone7S. There are lot of rumors and predictions about iPhone 7S- features, design, colors, release date and many more. Some of the rumors about iPhone 7S which are ruling the market are discussed below-
Design- there are various rumors regarding the design of iPhone 7S. There could be large screen in 7S and it is assumed that it would be larger in comparison with all the previous version, approximately of 5.8inches and will have touch ID fingertip sensor installed in it.
There will be no separate Home button in order to maintain large screen space but can be used when needed. It will have OLED screen.
It has been also rumored that there will be flexible and curved screen. There will be glass front and back design which will give it a glossy look. It is predicted that engineering methods used in designing of iPhone 7s will be totally different this time.
Color option- there were 5 colors namely silver, jet black, black matt, rose gold and gold options were available in previous series but it has been rumored that in iPhone 7S red color option can be available for the users.
New features- it has been predicted that there will be certain unique features in the new version of iPhone 7S. It is rumored that it will come with the 3D touch feature. If the prediction will be correct than it will bring huge sensation in the phone industry. One more feature which could be included in iPhone 7S is wireless charging feature which can be the great achievement for Apple till now if this feature is added as rumored.
AR and VR mixed reality could be added to phone camera in order to get face detected feature.  
If the prediction done so far will be true in reference of iPhone 7S launch then it will be great achievement for the Apple industry and iPhone 7S could become new sensation in the phone industry.

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