Bigg Boss 11: Arshi and Vikas' MASTERPLAN will turn around Priyank-Hina's dirty trick

While the viewers have been seeing Arshi Khan as the victim on the show after last night’s drama, they have been slamming Priyank and Hina for slut-shaming Arshi. But Arshi is not as innocent as we think she is, for she has on her side the mastermind of season 11 Vikas Gupta, who in this week luxury budget task is fight her case against Hiten Tejwani.

This week, Bigg Boss 11 house is converted into a courtroom where a divorce case is being fought between Arshi Khan and Hiten Tejwani, while Shilpa is playing Arshi’s mother, Puneesh and Vikas are playing Arshi’s brothers on the show. And for Hiten, Akash, Priyank and Luv are the brothers, while Hina is the sister and lawyer for Hiten in the task. Sapna and Bandgi are the judges in the task.


And while many allegations are being made by both the parties on one another Vikas has some deadly strategy to win the task. In an unseen video, Vikas and Arshi are seen planning to play the emotional card in the courtroom in the next hearing, while Shilpa will add fuel to their drama.

While yesterday, Hina and Priyank were seen making personal attack on Arshi’s character, Arshi too gave it back to them.

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And tonight we will see how the smart Vikas will frame Hina, with allegations of not helping a female co-contestant when Zubair, verbally abused her on the show.

Now that Vikas has quite a deadly plan looks like we know who is winning the luxury budget task.

Stay tuned!

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