Luv Tyagi Fans Lose It On Twitter As Rumours Of His Eviction Get Stronger

Luv Tyagi who entered Bigg Boss 11 as a padosi contestant has emerged to be the most popular commoner of the season. The fact that he got more votes than celebrities like Hiten Tejwani and Priyank Sharma speaks volumes about his popularity right now. He evolved his game over the period of time from sluggish to aggressive, and some people were even seeing him in Top 3.


All was going well for Luv, till the latest eviction twist was introduced by the makers. Luv was among the four nominated contestants this time and he was the only commoner out of the four. Yet, there were high chances for him to survive in the show.

However, the voting lines were closed for this week and the eviction process was done through LIVE voting in a Mumbai mall. Now Luv is not from Mumbai, while the other celebrity contestants have a huge fan base in the city. Restricting the voting process to just Mumbai might have harmed the prospects of Luv surviving in the game. At least this is what this fans think.

Voting trends online have already established that Luv is more popular than Akash and Puneesh.

Here's what they are tweeting.

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