The Weirdest Bigg Boss Contestants Ranked From Bizarre To Downright Crazy

There's no doubt that ‘Bigg Boss’ is one reality TV show that has drama and craziness written all over it. In fact, that's one of the reasons why it has the highest TRP ratings every year. With its ugly fights, loads and loads of drama, and crazy antics, the show has carved a niche for itself in the TV industry. Ask its regular viewers why they watch it and the answer invariably is: "It's so bad, it's good and highly entertaining!". Now, while some survived in the house by playing a smart game, a sympathy card or a fake love affair, there were many who did so with a heavy dose of offbeat (read weird) drama and antics. From current season's Akash Dadlani to Dolly Bindra, Rakhi Sawant, Imam Siddique and a few others from the show's previous seasons, the Bigg Boss house has seen some extremely crazy contestants come through its doors. Let's take a look at all of them.

Dolly Bindra

Now, she was loud and we mean really LOUD! We’re sure people muted their TV volumes when she started talking. She was like the Bhai of the house, whom no one wanted to mess with. Who can forget her big catfight with actress Shweta Tiwari!

Imam Siddique

The designer had declared that he’ll create drama and get into fights, if necessary, to entertain and did so in no time. However, just like Akash, he had a completely different idea of entertainment. One of his more unforgettable antics was wearing a skin-coloured body suit and acting like a tiger.

Swami Om

Indecent acts, wicked behaviour, and violence are few of the reasons he was ‘thrown’ out of the Bigg Boss house. He reached peak crazy when he peed on fellow contestants Bani Judge and Rohan Mehra. Yes, that happened!

Akash Dadlani

Recently, Bigg Boss 11’s madman, under the pretext of a task, horrified people inside and outside the house by stripping down to his underwear. Not only this, Akash held oranges to his chest, pretended they were breasts, and squeezed them suggestively (and disgustingly) to win points in the task! This is just a recent example. So far, there have been several instances when he’s picked up useless fights, screamed at the top of his voice, and what not!

Rakhi Sawant