Taapsee Pannu Give Voice On Why She Sustained Neha Dhupia In 'Roadies' Controversy

Taapsee Pannu has been hailed in the film industry for her choice of socially relevant movies. Her recent release at the box office was Thappad which was based on a woman's battle against the society who said it was alright for a husband to slap his wife. However, when the Neha Dhupia controversy was running wild, Taapsee Pannu supported Neha and she revealed the reason why. 

Taapsee Pannu explains her views on the Neha Dhupia controversy

In an interview with a daily portal, Taapsee Pannu revealed why she chose to support Neha Dhupia's statement of "it's her choice". Taapsee said that Neha Dhupia felt cheating was a moral choice for the person, but physical abuse is "not acceptable". She continued that according to her, however, both the actions were wrong since two wrongs do not make a right. 

Taapsee Pannu further added on the Neha Dhupia controversy that she felt the same towards trolling. She continued it was not okay for them to troll Neha Dhupia. Even her husband and one-year-old daughter were not spared from cyber abuse. Taapsee said she was speaking up against this action. 

Meanwhile, the Neha Dhupia controversy was about the actor abusing a Roadies contestant on the show. The latter had confessed to slapping a girl because she cheated on him. But Neha spoke up saying "it's her choice" if the girl wanted to cheat, but the contestant did not have the right to slap her. This created a storm on social media and Neha was abused left, right and centre. Her family was abused and trolled too. Another judge on the show, Nikhil Chinapa was also trolled for his abusive behaviour towards the contestant. While many celebs came in support of Nikhil and Neha, there also many who said Neha's statement was not correct. 

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