Review: Undertaker: The Last Ride – Chapter 1

Review of Undertaker: The Last Ride – Chapter 1 : Ultimately, after so much of anticipation, the series on the sensation, the great ‘The Undertaker’ is live. It’s honestly up to the hype and good effort of unveiling the very human side of WWE’s deadman.

Chapter one starts with Mark Calaway aka The Undertaker arriving at Orlando, Florida (3 days before the main event). He’s all adapted up for his last Wrestlemania match. He has to face Roman Reigns, the man who is a current poster boy of WWE. Looking at his fearless demeanour for years, it’s quite obvious for one to expect him to be all cool before the match. But wait, hold your nerves because what’s coming up next, is really surprising!

Right from the word go, we come face to face with the vulnerable and unheard The Undertaker. Walking with an injured hip, the man who ruled the industry is concerned to give his hundred per cent. Being a part-timer, it’s really a tough task for him to get it all right in once-in-a-year performance. Be it a gimmick, timing and other things, he’s really worried to live up to his own set benchmark. He accepts his declining years and not-so-sound body.

As the episode progresses, legends like Mick Foley and Ric Flair join in and they have only one thing to say, “This man has given everything for WWE”. The Undertaker explains that he never imagined the tremendous success his character garnered. It’s quite disheartening to hear about ring rust and discomfort from someone who shouldered Wrestlemania for years. Then, despite all such hardships, why Mark rubs his a** off? Well, he has his own mantra to explain that. Over the years, he lived by only one ethic, “Never embarrass the people who trust in you”. Yes, each time he makes it inside the four ropes, that’s all on his mind. He’s a hell of a professional who doesn’t want to embarrass his company, Vince and of course, fans. And when his beloved boss wants him for a match yet again, he’s there.

As per the expectations, it’s a treat for every Undertaker fan, as he is at his candid best. He speaks about the match which cost him all the trust and that was against Brock Lesnar. Not the end of the streak but he disclose of the incident that comes as a shocking disclosure. He confesses that he was totally ‘gone’ after a concussion he suffered during a match that he even forgot his own name.

In the rest of the episode, we see Mark Calaway speaking on how he got his trust back and put whatever fuel left in his tank, inside those four ropes. In spite of  going against the body and giving his sweat and blood, Taker explains that he felt saddened by his performance against Roman and maybe that’s why we saw him against AJ Styles. He wants to give his best and to meet the standards he has set for himself.

On the whole, The Greatest Fear is an insight into the phenom’s unheard backstage life and how he never wants to disappoint his fans who pay their hard-earned money to see him.

If you are really honest Undertaker fan, don’t waste your valuable time and just tune into WWE Network. You’ll be amazed to see the ‘real man’ behind that tough appearance.

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